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Welcome To Smiles & Paper

For me life is all about being happy. This does not only mean having a wonderful day and smiling a lot. Happiness is being at peace with yourself and everything that surrounds you. My goal is it to reach that point and take you with me on that journey.


Happy Categories

  • Home

    Create a healthy and happy home by yourself naturally.
    This includes cleaning and fixing things around the house, personal hygiene and health and different DIY projects. Furthermore, get fun recipes from all around the world and different diets with the focus on wholesome, organic and (mostly) sugar-free food.

  • Happiness

    Happiness does not just stay within one person. If you are happy it is easy to spread it to someone else.
    Here you can find inspirational articles on how to make the world a happier place, starting within yourself.

  • Organizing

    Too much information can make your brain go blank. These articles are going to help you get the chaos in your brain organized and ease your worries.
    You can also find printables for categories like home, celebrations, finances and blogging.


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