Our little pup is now 10 months old and even though she is small, she is super strong. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would do something nice for her and the two of us went to the pet store to get some toys. Five minutes after we got home and I gave it to her, she had destroyed it. That I was mad, is almost an understatement. So I went online to look for dog toys for heavy chewers.


Here is what I found: The Goughnut

A donut-shaped chew-toy that comes in different strengths. It has two layers so you know exactly when you need to switch it out because your dog chewed through it. The outer layer comes in different colors like green, orange, yellow… The inner layer is red. For really heavy chewers the have extra strong ones in black.

The Goughnut is also available as a stick, which is great for bigger dogs. Medium sized dogs like mine are probably better off with the donut one.

They are quite heavy but even my little one can carry it around to bring it back to me. You can play fetch or even a little bit of tug-of-war with them and the toys are supposedly able to float, but I haven‘t tried that yet.


So Far, So Good

We had this toy for a couple of weeks now and our pup loves playing fetch with it. It is a little big for her so she doesn‘t really chew on it when she is bored (she has some bones for that) but even after a lot of playtime there is absolutely no scratch on it.

If your dog is a really heavy chewer then he or she might be able to bite through it but since the company prides themselves with making indestructible dog toys, they exchange your broken toy for a new one for Free! (you might have to pay for shipping though)


Not Every Dog Is The Same

Obviously every dog is different and likes/treats toys differently but that is exactly the reason why this is a great toy. If you have a medium to large dog (your dog should be able to carry a standard sized tennis ball without problems) and likes to chew on things, then you should definitely try this toy. It might cost a little more than other toys but since you get it replaced if it breaks, this is something to really consider.


Other Toys That Are Quite Sturdy

One toy gets boring really fast, so of course we have more than just the Goughnut. I can‘t say for sure that these are good for really heavy chewers but we have had these for a while and there is still not scratch on them (for the most part).

Crackle Ball: This is a rubber ball with a smaller plastic ball inside. The smaller ball is made from water bottles. The rubber part seems to withstand a lot but the smaller ball gets smashed easily (especially if your dog likes to roll over the ball)

Any Chuck it Rubber Balls: As soon as the felt from the tennis balls comes off a little bit, our dog thinks this is something she wants to eat. With the rubber balls she can‘t really do that plus she can chew on them without them breaking into a million pieces. They also have them as glow-in-the-dark versions, which makes playtime after sunset even more fun.


What kind of toys does your dog like? Let me know in the comments.


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