Recently we started apartment hunting and doing that from the other side of the country can be tough. Thankfully we have a great support system to help us out.


Here are 7 things to remember when you are hunting for a new rental home:


1. Know What You Want And What You Need

This is crucial since you want to live in a home that fulfills all the necessities you want. Sometimes though we think we need something but it is not absolutely necessary. Make a list of all the things you want and then go over it again to sort some things in a nice-to-have-but-not-absolutely-necessary list, like that jacuzzi and fireplace.


2. Take Your Time

Finding the perfect time takes time. Depending on what kind of home you want you can start looking two to three months before you move. Check how long homes are usually on the market in the area you want to move to.


3. House Or Apartment

Under some circumstances it might be easier to find an apartment than a house. Houses are usually brokered by real estate agents and it will take a little longer to find the perfect fit for you. Apartment communities have a greater availability and often have model homes that you can look at any time.


4. Take A Look

Always go and see the place either yourself or send someone you trust to do the job right. There are even companies that will assess an object for you (I have not tried that though). By taking a look you can make sure this place is actually on the market and is really what you want.


5. Know Your Budget

Unless you are super-rich and don‘t really care about how much you spend, you probably have a certain top number in mind. Don‘t forget to calculate in costs for utilities, pet fees, HOA fees and other hidden monthly fees.


6. Take Notes

Write everything down so you can compare the different places you are interested in. This comparison sheet will help you out.


7. Have Fun And Dream A Little