Recently our power was shut down for about an hour due to a severe thunderstorm. We certainly did not expect that to happen and it showed us just how much we depend on electricity.

Lights, TV, fridge, A/C, phones, laptops… everything needs power to function properly.

Bills, bills, bills

The bills climb higher and higher even though you are not using too many devices? It is not always the obvious use that makes the bill go up. A lot of devices have a stand-by mode and still draw a lot of energy.

Some power companies or landlords offer a credit if you use less than the average amount for your area. Which is a nice little extra to your paycheck. We have earned between $20-$70 per month just by using less energy. It is not much but it adds up.


Here are 20 things you can do right now to lower your electricity usage:


1. Appliances

Do you use your mixer or coffee maker every day? No? Then simply unplug those appliances. Some might not draw electricity while not in use but if you want to be sure you can unplug all of them. Otherwise you can start to unplug the appliances with a display or any other kind of digital indicator. These most likely use electricity even when you are not using them.


2. Outlets

A great way to save electricity is getting power strips with on/off switches. This way you can disconnect multiple devices at the same time. For example the TV, receiver and game consoles. At the end of the day simply flip the switch and they will stop drawing energy.


3. Light bulbs

The old bulb shaped light bulbs are disappearing and with a reason. They are not energy-efficient at all. Next time a light goes out choose an energy-efficient light bulb like an LED. They will also last a lot longer.


4. Lights

Leaving lights on in rooms that you are not in, is not only unnecessary but also wastes electricity. Flip the switch next time you leave a room.


5. Outdoors

Lights along a path or just for decoration around a patio are pretty. To save electricity and still have the pretty yard you always dreamed of, use solar-powered lights. Even discount stores have a great selection of different shapes and colors.


6. Decorations

Another way to save energy when it comes to outdoor decorations is using a timer. Especially holiday decorations are usually up when there is no sun so solar-powered ones won‘t work all too well. Use a timer so it does not get out of hand.


7. Fridge

You are hungry but don‘t know what to eat, so you open the fridge. You can‘t decide and close it, only to open it again 5 minutes later. If you can‘t remember what is in your fridge make a list and tape it to your fridge so you can decide what you want before opening it.

When you are cooking, gather all the ingredients from the fridge at once and put them back at once. This way you only have to open the fridge twice. The same applies to the freezer. Furthermore, don‘t put hot food or drinks in the fridge or freezer.


8. TV

I know it is hard sometimes but there are so many things to do besides watching TV. Go outside, play a board game or read a book for example.


9. Phone

In a time where the majority of people has smartphones it is hard not to live next to an electric outlet. The batteries lose their charge super fast if you use your phone excessively. To save energy you can try to only charge your phone once when you are at home. (Hint: Other places have outlets too and you don‘t pay their electricity bills 😉 )


10. Charging

You are charging your laptop or any other mobile device and once it is fully charged you don‘t want to get up and unplug it? Let‘s stop that. Unplug them at the outlet to save energy and to keep your cables intact, you might want to get up to do that instead of pulling on them. Cords with big plugs or adapters tend to use more energy even when your device is charged. This is also something that makes them go bad faster.


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