Cleaning. It is annoying and never ends. We all have to do it to have a happy and healthy home. Job, family, hobbies and pets keep us busy and don’t leave much time to clean.

I always wanted to have a house that was ready for guests at all times. When we first moved into our house I was doing well. It was exciting to find a place for every little thing we have although it was not much at that time. I tried my best to keep it clean.

Fast forward a couple of months and I am still far away from my goal. Lack of motivation and a busy life got in the way. It’s not a great excuse and after pitying myself a couple of days I decided something had to change.


Cleaning Schedule

I started using a very strict cleaning schedule but sooner or later it started to fall apart. I had to skip a day or two and I just couldn’t catch up anymore.

Now that our dog is house trained I finally found the motivation to improve the schedule and try reaching my goal of a clean home.


For Busy People

When I first started writing this post the title was ‘Cleaning Schedule For Lazy People’ but I soon realized that was very wrong. Just because you don’t clean doesn’t mean you are lazy. Surely there are some people who are too lazy to clean up after themselves but the majority of us is just too busy. You might be working overtime every day and when you get home exhausted from the day the last thing on your mind is to scrub the bathtub. There are so many legitimate reasons for slacking off in this department but here is help. All you need is at least a little bit of motivation but since you are reading this I am going to assume that you got what it takes.

I realize that my strict schedule only works for crazy perfectionists like me (as long as there is motivation) and there isn’t one schedule that fits all. So I created different schedules for you. These are easy to follow and you don’t have to feel bad if you skip a day.


Here are the free printables


Cleaning Schedule No. 1

This cleaning schedule has four typical daily tasks and one bigger task but doesn’t come with a date or a weekday, so if one day you don’t feel like cleaning you don’t have to skip any areas. Since the bigger tasks may vary for you, I also included a second one without the bigger tasks. You can fill in whatever you wish to clean.


Cleaning Schedule No. 2

This is a weekly/monthly schedule that you can easily reuse without having to print it a million times. A blank copy is also included.


Cleaning Schedule No. 3

This isn’t so much a schedule as it is an overview what could be done daily, weekly, monthly… This will help you fill in the blank schedules or create your own.


Let me know if you are interested in the ‘strict’ schedule, so I can get you a copy. 🙂


Happy Cleaning!